How to play multiple accounts on the Koplayer emulator

play multiple accounts on the Koplayer emulator

Koplayer is known as a gamer's first choice of emulator and is one of the best android emulators for low-end PCs. This emulator can function with very little hardware because it's mainly optimized for playing almost any android game on any low-end PC.

Here we guide you on how to play multiple accounts on Koplayer or how to open multiple instances of the Koplayer emulator on your PC

First, you have to download Koplayer and set it up in the right way. Here are our leads to download and install Koplayer correctly.

How to download and set up Koplayer

  • Download Kolayer from
  • Once it is downloaded install it in your desired location. (installation steps are very easy to follow)
  • Once Koplayer is installed you can see there are two icons called "Koplayer" and "Koplayer Multi-Manager".
  • Open Koplayer Multi Manager and then click launch.
  • Then you will be asked to choose one mode from the Two modes which are called "Speed Mode" and "Compatible Mode".
  • We suggest choosing "Speed Mode" if you don't think your PC can handle higher CPU and Memory Usage. If not You can select "Compatible Mode".
  • Then it will start loading ( this step may take a couple of minutes depending on your PC specifications.
  • Once the loading is completed you will have a short tutorial telling you how to use Koplayer Emulator.
  • Then it will automatically be asked you to sign in to your Google account. It will give you access to your Google Play Store account.
  • Now you are all done. You can now download and enjoy your favorite apps and games.

How to play same game or application in multi accounts in Koplayer Emulator

Now we are going to guide you, how to play multiple accounts on the Koplayer emulator. Koplayer allows you to play the same game or different games in multiple instance. To do that follow the below steps.

  • First close Koplayer Emulator.
  • Then launch Koplayer Multi-Manager and then click on Add Emulator.
  • Then click on clone emulator( So you don't have to sign in to Google Play Store and download the game again)
  • If you like you can rename the emulator objects you created to identify them more easily.
  • Next, you need to launch both emulators.
  • Now you have two emulator instances running in your background. (Note: This will use more CPU and Ram).